Get ahead with real-time labour market intelligence data

Game changing intelligence

We are building the future of analytics, live labour market data that opens a world of possibility for organisations across the UK. We can analyse over 120 data points of our users and give you blind, aggregate rendered data to help you understand how your organisation is performing in the wider world.

Alumni Destination Data
We can provide schools, colleges, universities and training providers aggregate, live destination data of their alumni using the imployable app.
Cohort Intelligence
We can provide national regional aggregate analytics on cohorts such as ex-offenders and ex-forces, showing national qualification levels, skills, employment and training.
Geographic Skills Data
We can analyse skills levels in any region of the UK, showing skills strengths and weaknesses. We can work with local economic departments to work on bridging skills gaps and fulfilling future employment needs.

Data For Good

We will never sell data for advertising or compromise any individuals anonymity, we use the data we collect for good, helping the UK regionally and nationally to analyse, interpret and make decisions intelligently. 

For the prosperity of individuals, organisations and the economy it is important that the right people get access to the right data, to make informed decisions about growth, investment and effort in areas that will significantly improve the lives of everyone throughout the country. 

We are seeking positive change.

Game Changing Technology

We have created disruptive technology that is scalable, future proof and secure. We are a technology company that invests heavily in our core products and security.

Clean, Ethical Data Collection

We do not and will not ever scrape data that is accessible on the internet. We collect, hold and process our own data which is collected ethically, we will never sell our users data for advertising or identify them in any cases.

All Access is Strictly Vetted

Our system is not open to everyone, we do not let people or organisations sign up until they have been vetted by our team, we will only allow access to people who are going to use it in ethical, positive ways to promote and achieve positive growth.

We are impact driven. Change first
and profit second

We exist to level the playing field for people across the world to break in to careers that will truly fulfil them. We believe that everyone, no matter their age background, ethnicity, ability or disability should have equal access to careers. 

In addition, we want to disrupt the recruitment market and give all businesses of all sizes access to free online recruitment, helping SME’s to reduce risk, grow and be more competitive whilst helping the UK economy to grow and create more opportunities for employment.

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