Empowering People to Succeed

Imployable isn’t just digital. We have proven employment support programmes designed to help people transition in to careers.

Supporting people in reaching their goals

It stands to reason that people who are looking to change career or start a new one will need expert support and guidance. 

As well as our digital solution, imployable has employment support programmes to help people from all backgrounds in to work. We have fully qualified and expert coaches who have years of experience in training, supporting and mentoring people from a range of backgrounds. 

1-1 Coaching

Expert one to one coaching programmes to help people gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed


Programmes designed to help people transitioning from the Armed Forces, Prison and Police forces

Group Coaching

Our expert employment support coaches have experience in helping groups of people reach their goals

Physical & Digital Together

All of imployable’s support programmes are designed to deliver physical, human support whilst utilising our multi award winning technology. The first of it’s kind programmes that support the individuals before, during and after our coaching sessions.

The imployable app and our support programmes are designed by default to give individuals full control over their personal development. Our programmes are built using up to dat, tried and tested coaching models to improve success rates.

Jodie's One Percent

We exist to make a positive social impact on people’s lives, and through giving away 1% of our equity we’ve already changed one person’s life forever.

It is very rare you get the opportunity to change someone’s life directly. This campaign was about giving a gift to someone who is deserving of a break whilst inspiring entrepreneurs to increase their social value and close the gap between businesses and society.

We hope that people in the same position as Jodie can be inspired, be open to opportunity and achieve more than their circumstances dictate.

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What do we value?

imployable social impact

Our projects

Finding purpose after prison

Our prisons project addresses the need to help offenders into work to help prevent re-offending.

While we can’t solve all of the social and economic issues that can impact an offender, we can present one less hurdle to integrating back into society.

It has been proven that 75% of ex-offenders re-offend within 9 years. Essentially this project is about getting our app and support programmes, into prisons so offenders can complete the early stages of applying for a job prior to “passing through the gate”.

Going straight into work after leaving prison provides an immediate sense of purpose.

Transition from military life

As you might imagine, transitioning out of the military, sits very close to our founders hearts. Transitioning out of the UK Armed Forces is different for everyone, and often it is not what individuals expect.

Not only are you dealing with a completely different way of life, you may not have a job to go to, you may experience a loss of purpose, be lacking in direction or you may just not know how your skills fit into the modern work place.

As the app is user centric, it enables users to upload their current experience and explore the different jobs that are available to them aiding them into meaningful employment.

Not only this, this app offers a support function which is vital to those transitioning out the forces as they may be experiencing, mental health issues, financial issues or personal family issues.

imployable social impact

Reducing unemployment

Working with the long-term and short-term unemployed, sits closely to imployable’s aim of having a social impact on everything we touch.

There are thousands of disenfranchised individuals, who have the capacity to work but struggle due to childcare issues, confidence or disability, either mental or physical.

Imployable works alongside the DWP in making the app accessible to everyone within Job Centres to help aid these individuals into employment. Our support programmes give individuals the knowledge, skills and confidence to take control of their personal development.

Blue Light Transitions

Our police transition programme has been developed to help those leaving the force into employment on civvy street. We are already delivering the week long resettlement course to Devon & Cornwall and will be expanding to other forces throughout the UK.

Ultimately, we hope that this Blue Light Project will expand into other emergency services. As close cousins to the military, individuals leaving the Blue Light Services experience similar pain points and can struggle to integrate into main stream employment.

imployable social impact

How can we help you?

We are determined to support as many people as we can, whether that be undertaking contracts to support individuals and groups across the UK or working with providers to give them access to technology that will help them measure their success and enhance the support they provide.

We have a purpose built digital platform that helps DPS providers and support companies to manage the people they support, from messaging services and automatic job matching to tracking analytics and intelligence.

Our partners

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