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Our platform is built to give you access to proactive people. It’s more than just a job board.

imployable web portal

The Web Portal

Imployable is designed to simplify and speed up the process of recruitment, your imployable portal allows you to post job opportunities, training courses, apprenticeships and work experience opportunities that are instantly accessible via our user App.

Only suitably qualified and experienced candidates will be able to apply so you won’t be filtering through piles of rejected applications.

When you start to receive applications and interest from users you can message them directly from the portal, making communication a breeze.

Signing up is simple

imployable web portal

Create a company profile on

web portal

Enter your company details

web portal

Set up a password

free job posting on Imployable

Post your opportunities 

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Fast Approval

Once your company has been approved by imployable one of our account management team will get in touch with you to find out how many job credits you will need. (1 job = 1 credit).

Instantly Live

You can post jobs, training courses, apprenticeships or volunteering (experience) opportunities on the portal. It plugs directly into our app, so your opportunities will be live as soon as you post them.

Account Management

Once you have your job credits you can either upload your opportunities or one of our account management team can upload your opportunities for you.

The App

Our App provides users with access to relevant training, experience opportunities and guidance so that they can apply for jobs that they really want to do. 

The App is designed to help enable career transitions and prevent people from getting stuck in the wrong job. 

If you’d like to learn more about the imployable app visit


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No more eye-watering recruitment fees. No more time wasting candidates. No more empty training courses.
Just an easy to use, affordable, all in one recruitment platform.

Take control of your recruitment

Online management

With Imployable you can take control of the whole online recruiting process. From posting opportunities on the app to getting confirmation of candidates attending interview and everything in between.

Communicate with candidates

Easily communicate with shortlisted candidates through the web portal. Your messages will be delivered directly to the candidates app. Don’t worry, candidates can only message you when they have applied for a job.

Find people that fit

Set your requirements for the job and the parameters that allow application (i.e candidates that are at least qualified). This means you can be sure that applications will all be worth considering.

Personality profiling and fit

Coming very soon we will be adding i3 profiling. We personality profile our users let them know which industries would be a good fit. We can even profile your business so potential candidates can see how they fit within your organisation’s culture.

Application cover videos

We give our users the option to upload CV cover videos to attach to their application. In addition we have an in app coaching suite to give the best advice on creating a cover video that is professional and effective.

Showcase your company

If you want to, you can build your business profile to be shown in the app, our users will be able to see your profile, videos and pictures and get a good feel for your company, selling your company to potential candidates and boosting applications.