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Imployable is reducing the risk of recruitment for SME’s

SME's can sometimes find it hard to find the right employees, we exist to make it easier for the benefit of both the business and the employee. We understand the small and medium business problems when recruiting.
The Cost

Can't afford to use recruitment agencies and jobs boards are expensive with lots of costly add ons, the longer it takes to fill a position the more it costs. A simple advert is not enough

The Risk

Hiring employees is risky, what if they don't fit. The employee needs to be effective to ensure the business makes enough money to pay them and keep growing.


With the average cost of recruitment over £5,000 it is hard to understand the processes, what you need to look for and how much it is going to cost you altogether.

The Fit

It is important to understand quickly if the applicant fits the needs of the business and has the needed skills, qualifications and experience, it's too late once you hire them.

No hidden fees, just an efficient way to find employees

Pay per job post, no confusing algorithms, add on's or expenses

At Imployable we are working hard to make positive change in the online recruitment industry, we strive to cut the cost of recruitment whilst increasing efficiency in the process.

We are not an employment agency, we are an app and web based platform that bridges the gaps for jobseekers when finding employment. We do not believe in commission, hidden fees or dodgy keyword scraping techniques, just helping you find driven, targeted potential employees.

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How are we different

It’s no secret, we put job seekers and our app users at the forefront of everything we do, creating a valuable, much needed app to people who need guidance on job seeking.

This created an opportunity to build a custom designed web portal that speaks directly to the app, being custom built we have added features that help job seekers but also give the power to businesses to run the recruitment process cheap and effectively

How does it work

Watch the video to see how easy it is to create and manage job posts, set job requirements, manage and message applicants, it actually couldn’t be easier.


Packed with powerful features to give you control, this is just the start. We will continue to grow and improve adding more features so watch this space.


Just some of our features

Quality is key. Quality of service, quality of candidates, quality of delivery

There is a world where both employees and businesses win, a world where an employee feels truly fulfilled by their work and a business benefits by growing, being more capable and more competitive.


We have designed special features to make your job easier and give more power to job seekers to develop themselves, find jobs that fit and become more employable,

Online management

Our online portal allows you to completely manage the whole online recruiting process. From posting opportunities on the app to getting confirmation of candidates attending interview and everything in between.

Communicate with candidates

Easily communicate with shortlisted candidates through the web portal, your messages will be delivered directly to the candidates app. Don’t worry, candidates can only initiate a message you when they have applied for a job.

Find people that fit

Set your requirements for the job and the parameters that allow application (i.e candidates that are at least qualified), this means the applications you get will be only from those that meet the requirements of the opportunity.

Personality profiling and fit

Coming very soon we will be adding i3 profiling. We personality profile our users and show them how they fit in industries, we can profile your business so people know how they fit within your organisations culture.

Application cover videos

We give our users the option to upload CV cover videos to attach to their application, in addition we have an in app coaching suite to give the best advice on how they can create a cover video that is professional and effective.

Showcase your company

If you want you can build your business profile to be shown in the app, our users will be able to see your profile, videos and pictures and get a good feel for your company, selling your company to potential candidates and boosting applications.

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Simply buy job credits and post jobs, it really is that simple! The more credits you buy the cheaper they become.
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We are a startup gaining traction

We have come a long way but the journey has just begun


Since launching in March we have over 100 Clients


App Users


Awards Won


Live Opportunities

There are 1000’s of potential employees that fit your business out there

Try imployable now free for 1 month with no risk and showcase your job opportunities to 1000's of people looking for new careers.
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