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There are many organisations that rely on volunteers to keep their organisations running and services delivering, the cost involved in finding volunteers can be huge when you take in to consideration advertising, marketing and human resources.</p> <p>Imployable allows you to post your volunteer opportunities directly to the app, our users that are looking for work experience will see your opportunities, how it will improve their employability and allow them to apply or express an interest directly on the app.


Post your experience opportunity and attract potential volunteers

Easily post your volunteer, internship or work experience opportunities for free on imployable and attract people who want to give back whilst gaining new skills and experience to build their CV.


Receive applications and message applicants directly

Receive applications from people looking for volunteer work to boost their CV. Talk with applicants directly with the purpose built messaging system, talk direct to their mobile.


Found a good fit? Induct them into your organisation

Imployable shows you clearly how applicants fit compared to your opportunity, once you have received applications, spoken with volunteers, interviewed them all that is left is to induct them into your organisation.

Why our users volunteer

Posting on imployable is simple and FREE!

We know how important volunteers are to charities and we want to do our bit, thats why it is completely free to post all volunteer positions on imployable, another benefit to us is that it creates important experience opportunities for our users.
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The more the merrier, we want as many volunteer and experience opportunities as we can get, join now with no risk.

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