Support Management



Imployable Cohort has been built so that you can efficiently manage your cohorts of individuals and help them into meaningful and fulfilling employment. 

Game Changing


The platform helps you to increase your output of jobs, manage and track your cohort and gain insights into data intelligence to strengthen and futureproof your organisation


Induct Your Cohort

Induct the people in your cohort to your purpose built dashboard, the imploayble app will be sent directly to them, when they download the app they will auto populate in your portal

Manage Your Cohort

From your dashboard you can fully manage your cohort and it’s members. Send messages, notifications, documents to your whole cohort or individual members.

Smarter Support

View your cohorts CV, skills, qualifications and personality profile (coming soon), save time, support better and increase your outcome success.

More Intelligent

Imployable Cohort gives you intelligence like no other platform. Analyse your cohorts skills, qualifications, locations and work related activity on the imployable app.

With pricing from just £6.99 per cohortian

You get a cost-effective platform to efficiently and intelligently manage your cohort.

Managing your cohort using spreadsheets can be frustrating, our platform is easy to use allowing you to effectively track the progress of your cohort 

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