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We believe that the apprenticeship is the future of career entry and transition

Apprenticeships were always regarded as the entry in to careers for young non academics, not anymore. We have spoken to 1000's of people of all ages who would consider an apprenticeship to break into careers.
School Leavers

The traditional apprenticeship pathway is bigger than ever, school leavers today are far more conscious about their future and careers, it is more important than ever to find and inspire school students to potential careers.

Universal Credits

Has created a great opportunity for apprenticeship providers to gain access to a much larger pool of apprenticeship candidates. Universal Credits is squeezing peoples pockets and are more receptive to apprenticeship wage.

Military Leavers

With the introduction of degree level apprenticeships there is a real opportunity to appeal to military leavers who already have so many transferable skills and experiences that are highly sought after in the corporate world.

Higher Level Students

Many people are considering degree level apprenticeships and why wouldn't they. With 60% of the UK looking to transition careers, Avoid student debt, earn while they learn and get all the experience they need for a successful career.

So where do you find all of these apprentices?

We did not create a job search app, we created a career management tool that shows people what careers are accessible to them and how they can successfully break in to them

Our imployable app is designed for all types of people at all stages of life, each with different goals they use our app to identify new careers, what is needed to get in to those careers and the organisations that exist to help them.

With a potential user base of of over 30 million people in the UK we will become the biggest aggregator of training and apprenticeships available to people to get in to a career. Tailored completely around our user, we show them information on potential careers and advertise the training, apprenticeships, experience and jobs that will help them reach it.

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Show people what they want, not what you think they want

Shotgun marketing is not the answer, stop spending lots of money trying lots of different things to find people who might want what you offer, it is now time to be more target. Being more targeted will cost less, make you more efficient and cut waste.


We don’t use any paid advertising or pay per click algorithms, we let our users find you dependant on what they want to achieve and we show them what is relevant to them. So why not cut your marketing budget and increase your efficiency?

Post your apprenticeships on the Imployable App

The Imployable app has a dedicated apprenticeship section, this means our users can quickly search and find apprenticeships in their area that gets them in to the career they really want.


We have built a web portal alongside our app, meaning you can login, post apprenticeships (that don’t get lost in job adverts) and easily manage applicants. With a custom built messaging system you can talk direct to mobile with applicants who show an interest in your apprenticeship opportunities.


Lowering the cost of finding apprenticeships

Quality is key, quality of service, quality of candidates, quality of delivery

It’s no secret, if you are constantly having to spend more money finding apprentices it has to be taken from somewhere else, there is a real risk that the quality of the apprenticeship itself will be affected.


Don’t compromise the quality of your service, increase it. We want to keep the apprentice acquisition cost low so that your quality of service can get better, thats why we have decided to provide our service for just £40 per month for unlimited apprenticeship posting. We can make less so we will charge less, this ensures that our users get the best possible service and access to the most possible opportunities.

How long does it take to post an apprenticeship?

After creating your free company profile and subscribing to the apprenticeship package you can post your opportunities in less than 5 minutes and it will be instantly live on the app and findable by our users.

Are there additional costs?

There are no additional fees for posting apprenticeships, once you have posted your apprenticeship you can edit it, receive applications, message applicants and invite them to interview, there are no additional costs whatsoever and we do not take any fees or commissions for hiring.

Can I send applicants to my website to apply?

Yes, if you don’t want to handle applicants in the imployable web portal you can add a link to your post to send applicants to your internal application systems. If you add a link to your post, when the applicant presses apply in the app we automatically send them to your website to complete the application process.

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We are a startup gaining traction

We have come a long way but the journey has just begun


Since launching in March we have over 100 Clients


App Users


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Live Opportunities

There are 1000’s of potential apprentices out there, we just want you to find them!

Try imployable now for free with no risk and showcase your apprenticeship opportunities to 1000's of people looking to break in to careers.
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