Born out of experience

Why do we care so much about improving the recruitment market and enabling career transition?

Planting the seed

In 2015 Peter Kelly left the Royal Marines after 10 years of dedicated service. After gaining industry qualifications in Project Management through the military he believed that he’d got a passport to a job in the civilian world; Then reality hit.

Within 3 months of leaving he was unemployed. Highly qualified, inexperienced and unemployable. This was a situation that Peter wasn’t expecting and it showed him just how vulnerable people can be when faced with major career transitions.

During a 9-month period of unemployment Peter reconnected with an old Royal Marine friend, Kieron Yeoman. Kieron was running a business that actively coached and supported people into work and helped the ‘unemployable’ into meaningful employment.


The Journey

Peter and Kieron’s collective experiences highlighted the need for a better approach to enable people to transition between careers freely and independently. They both saw the enormous benefit to business that would come from a better trained, more proactive workforce. They also saw the massive benefit to individuals that would come from better access to training and work experience. So how could these benefits be turned into reality? They set off on a journey to find out.

After years of research and hard work, the journey lead them to a new model for recruitment.

Changing Recruitment

Imployable is more than just a jobs board. For employers, our online portal allows you to set clear job criteria, provide access to training courses and work experience and communicate directly with candidates. For potential employees, our app gives users the tools to acquire training and experience in order to meet the requirements of a role. A user can only apply when they meet the job criteria but they have all the guidance and information that they need to make this happen.

We believe that the Imployable approach brings transparency and humanity to recruitment. It gives everyone the tools to find purpose in their work. It will change recruitment forever.

The Team

Peter Kelly
CEO & Co-founder

Kieron Yeoman
CPO & Co-founder

Marina Leadbetter

Sean Curtis
Graphic Designer

Lorna Gaskin
Marketing Manager
James Pickard
National Account Manager
Finnian Bond
Tech Junior
Dennis Catapang
Account Manager

Denise Underhill
Project Manager

Anna Kelly
Office Manager