Month: May 2021

imployable Cohort: The Cohort Management Tool

Visum Cohort The Cohort Management Tool

Any business that deals with a large selection of people, for any kind of service, will know how important organisation and analytics are. You can easily keep track of these people within databases, but how do you effectively organise that, and pick out exactly what you need at any given point? Not to mention the various categories these people will fall under, that may overlap with one another. What’s the best way to split up these data sets using many different factors? The answer to that is called cohort management, and it is vital for both your organisation, and the cohorts in question. 

Why use cohort management?

So why would you want to use cohort management in the first place? No matter what your database is based around; there will always be certain factors that differentiate one singular person from another. So, it’s best to divide out categories within these databases. 

For example, say you’re a training organisation and you have a cohort of 100 learners to train and support through to employment. Each learner will need to be effectively and efficiently managed through to the end of the course; with evidence of outcomes and learning along the way. Having the cohort system allows the training organisation to see their individual qualifications and skills. Yet it also shows them as a collective and how they fit to an employment opportunity. This is what a cohort management system is all about, as well as a platform to share resources and message individually or all at once.  

When trying to take into account all of these elements, things can get messy within a database. That’s when you need another tool to sort through all these factors in an easily digestible way. 

Who should use cohort management

The example provided before doesn’t just apply to training providers, but can be utilised in any databases for a group of people, such as: universitiescolleges, recruitment companies, local councils, etc. The list is endless. But we believe this has so much untapped potential for other organisations to take advantage of. 

Here at imployable, our training division deals with thousands of learners each month. But keeping track of all of these individuals is a mammoth task. We were very lucky to receive an Innovate UK grant to build technology to help us see our individual cohorts, and help these learners progress through to employment. The technology is called Visum Cohort.  

imployable Cohort

imployable Cohort is a nifty piece of technology that essentially allows an organisation to track and manage its own cohort of learners… but how? 

Through our career management app. We built this technology within our already up and running app, so its ease of access means anyone can use it. Each member of the cohort is sent a link to sign up to the imployable app. The organisation can then support the ‘cohortian’ with their learning; through sharing resources, sending them notifications, and direct messaging them. The technology also shows the organisation skills, qualification and experience-based data on their cohort; to help the organisation make informed and strategic decisions to further their business and support their learners 

After some digging; we surprisingly found nothing on the market that delivered this type of service. So we decided to build it ourselves. We’re able to license it out to any training providers; education establishments; councils; and contract providers who need a piece of efficient technology to track, manage, and analyse their cohort’s progress. We truly believe this will allow many organisations to really push the boundaries when helping their individual usersWe’ve launched this platform in the beta version, so if this is something you believe your organisation can benefit from, and you would like a demo of it. Then be sure to give us an email at and we’ll go from there! 

The Weirdest Jobs Around the World

The Weirdest Jobs Around the World

Our society runs on the job market. If someone needs specific tasks doing, they can pay someone else to do them. These jobs can come in all forms, needing specific and tailored skill sets to be effective at them. However, there are some jobs out there that require some very unusual skill sets. Jobs that most people will struggle to believe exist. We did a bit of digging into these weird jobs, and have collated a top 10 list, in no apparent order, that we believe are the weirdest jobs around the world. 


1) Dog Surfing Instructor 

Surfing is a popular hobby to take part in if you live in a coastal region. A fairly tough sport to master, it can be incredibly fun and freeing for any who partake in it. But what if you wanted company on your board as you surfed? Luckily, there are certain professionals who can teach your own dog to surf with you! Aptly named Dog Surfing Instructors; these guys will take the time to get your dog comfortable on a surfboard, and make sure they keep balance whilst carving those waves. Very popular in parts of the USA; they even have dog surfing competitions to judge who’s the greatest dog at surfing (they all are in our eyes!). 


2) Passenger Pusher 

Japan is a country of efficiency. With many of their population opting to use public transportation, rather than using personal vehicles. However, when so many people need to use the public transportation at one time; things can get backed up and cause late arrivals. That’s where the Passenger Pushers come in. Although they might sound quite aggressive; their job is to make sure as many people can fit into the train carriage as possible. Utilised around rush hour, they’ll cram people through the entrances of the carriages, making sure the train is at full capacity. You’ll be surprised with how many people can fit into one carriage. It’s much like fitting your sleeping bag into its sack. It looks like it won’t fit, but after a bit of elbow grease, it fits snuggly. We just hope the passengers don’t mind having no personal space for a while! 


3) Wrinkle Chaser 

No this isn’t someone who’s going to chase your grandma down the street (though I’m sure she could use the exercise!). Rather this is someone who irons or presses out any wrinkles found in shoes. A job many people wouldn’t have considered existing, but makes sense considering the lack of wrinkling found in the majority of shoes. They would use specialist machines designed for various types of shoes. From loafers, to walking boots, and to high heels. The wrinkle chaser will make sure every shoe has a sleek and smooth finish. 


4) Parmesan Cheese Listener 

Italians take their food very seriously, only using the best ingredients within their meals. Any avid pasta consumer will know how perfectly parmesan goes with it. However, parmesan takes time and effort to make, and it’s difficult to know when the cheese will be ready. That’s where the Parmesan Cheese Listener’s come in. Unfortunately, they aren’t our lactose rich friends’ therapist for when they’re ‘blue’. Rather, they use a silver hammer to tap the cheese and listen to its timbre, as this is used to judge how ready it is to be consumed. These professionals will need to have near perfect pitch though, and are normally required to have a background in music education; as a wrong decision can ruin a whole batch.  


5) Online Dating Ghost-Writer 

The world of online dating is a fierce one. You’re competing against many others trying to win the heart of your potential soulmate. This means that you need to make a fantastic first impression within your profile. Picking the right profile pictures, and forming witty or interesting anecdotes about yourself. But what do you do if your writing skill is a lot to be desired? Well, you hire an Online Dating Ghost-writer of course! These professionals will create a profile for you that will wax poetic, and be sure to grab the attention of any potential partner. Unfortunately, they can’t help you out with the actually dating part though! 


6) Blunt Roller 

Out of the other weirdest jobs within this list, this is definitely the most specific. This is exactly what you think it is. It’s no secret that many big names in the music industry basically run on weed. However, at times their busy schedule means they don’t have the time to roll out a joint to smoke. That’s why they’ll hire a specific person to do this for them. Names such as Snoop Dogg and Lil’ Wayne have admitted to use Blunt Rollers, which isn’t surprising considering Snoop has once claimed he smoked 81 blunts a day! If this is true, his blunt roller definitely has their work cut out for them! 


7) Pet Psychic 

An addition to our weirdest jobs list, that will no doubt have some eyes rolling. A Pet Psychic claims they will telepathically communicate with any pet, alive or dead. This is apparently done by either connecting with the animal’s spirit, or their electromagnetic energy. Whether you believe it or not, there are others out there who would like to know what’s on their pet’s mind, or to perhaps say goodbye to a pet who has passed away. So, they would hire a Pet Psychic to try to open communication with the pet. Although I’m sure 90% of my dog’s thoughts are about food. 


8) Water Sommelier 

We all know of Wine Sommeliers, who can recommend and pair a wine with any meal. But how about a Sommelier of water? Cropping up around the US, Water Sommeliers use all their senses to judge different attributes of water; from the pH balance and acidity, to the mineral content. They can provide various bottles of water to taste test, and will pair one with a meal, much like Wine Sommeliers. Arguably it makes sense due to water being one of the most important commodities in the world. Although tap water is apparently a no go for them; though clearly, they haven’t tried our tap water down in the south-west! 


9) Banana Ripener 

Bananas are a fickle fruit. It always seems you have a tiny window to eat them when they’re fully ripened, else you’re left with bananas that looks like they had a full 12 rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson.  However, the process to get them to ripe is actually quite a difficult and precise one.  They need to be kept in specialised ripening rooms; where they need to be air tight and insulated, with ways of regulating temperature and humidity. Though these conditions are changed according to the banana’s current ripeness. The Banana Ripener judges and oversees this whole process. They’ll judge the bananas colour, temperature, aroma, and other factors to determine how they’ll be kept within the ripening rooms. This’ll ensure the bananas will be ready to consume once they reach their intended destinationI just wish I could judge when they’ll go mushy. 


10) Hippotherapist 

The final entry in our weirdest jobs list. No this isn’t a therapist for your hippopotamus. Rather, a hippotherapist will treat various ailments using horse-riding and a horse’s gait. These issues could be physically, occupational, or speech therapy. The thought is that the natural movements of the horse will provide motor and sensory input, which can help with issues of paralysis or mental health. An unusual treatment, however there have been successful cases in the past, with studies still being carried out in the field (no pun intended). 


Those were some of the weirdest jobs around the world that we discovered, though there are many others out there. Keep an eye out for any you might find, and be sure to let us know in the comments!