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Humanising online recruitment

Created to make a difference

We are determined to make a difference, and we will, here is why.

Scalable Technology

Our technology must be future proof, we believe in building our app and web systems with the ability to grow with the company, the industry and our users.


We like to think we are building our business with our users and clients, communication is key for us to deliver what our customers want and need.


We will continue to test ourselves, pushing the boundaries of our tech and the industry to make sure we are at the forefront of innovation.

Founding Story & Biggest Issues

Founded by 2 Former Royal Marines, Imployable is an innovative new app based platform that is specifically designed to bridge the gaps in unemployment, facilitate career tracking. We are working hard to become the UK’s No1 career and job finder appIn 2015 Peter Kelly left the Royal Marines after 10 years of service, he was helped to gain industry qualifications in Project Management through the military and swiftly jumped into the civilian world; within 3 months of leaving he was unemployed. Highly qualified, inexperienced and unemployable.

During a 9-month period of unemployment Peter reconnected with an old Royal Marine friend, Kieron Yeoman was running a business that actively coaches and supports people into work and helps the ‘unemployable’ into meaningful employment.

Job seekers don't know where they stand when applying for jobs 0
Frustration where there is lack of candidate feedback 0
Businesses finding it increasingly hard to find suitable candidates 0
The average cost of finding employees and keeping them is increasing 0
CEO & Co-founder
Peter Kelly
Head of Projects & C0-founder
Kieron Yeoman
Paul Vice MC
Non-exec Chairman
David Young
Simon Devonshire OBE
Grant Henderson
Marina Leadbetter
CTO (Advisor)
Patrice Archer

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