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Save some money and try something new, imployable is free to use for the foreseeable future

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Quickly and easily post opportunities to the imployable app and manage applications for jobs, training and experience

Be Targeted

Set your opportunity qualification and experience requirements and only get applications from people who meet them

Manage Everything

Our team is available to help you post, refine and manage your opportunities and work with you to hire the right people

Find the right people who will help your business grow

There is a better way to find employees. Our web platform, tied to our user app gives you access to more suitable candidates that meet your needs all whilst saving you time and money.

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A Recruitment Platform Like No Other

At Imployable we are working hard to make positive change in the online recruitment industry, we strive to cut the cost of recruitment, increase efficiency and provide a better service to small and medium businesses.

Employees, Students & volunteers

Our system allows students, volunteers and job seekers to easily find the courses, experience and jobs you are offering based on their qualification, experience and skills.

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Find employees that fit

Receive applications from candidates who fit your job requirements and engage with them through our built in direct messaging system

Our online portal allows you to completely manage the whole process, from posting and managing opportunities on the app to messaging applicants and viewing their qualification, experience and skills fit.


Looking for an apprentice?

1000's of potential apprentices looking for opportunities like yours

Our app features a dedicated apprenticeship function, our app users can find apprenticeships in their area as well as be shown apprenticeships that get them in to the career they want


Fill training courses

Be found by people looking for courses that you offer

Imployable is unique in the way we show our users what qualifications they need to enter careers, we then show them where the courses are and allow them to register interest in the app, why not show them your training courses?


Find volunteers

Help volunteers build their CV and experience

A massive advantage to imployable is that we show our app users what experience they need to get in to jobs, we also show them work experience, volunteer positions and internships that they can undertake to learn and develop the skills needed

Manage Applicants Anywhere

Built for mobile, tablet and desktop. Our web portal allows you to easily manage applicants on the go.

We are not an employment agency, we are an app and web based platform that bridges the gaps for jobseekers when finding employment. We do not believe in commission, hidden fees or dodgy keyword scraping techniques, just helping you find driven, targeted potential employees.

Over the last 18 months we have worked hard to design, concept, develop and launch a platform that easy easy to use, easy to manage with the aim to making online recruitment cost effective and efficient, we believe in it so much that for the foreseeable future you can use it COMPLETELY FREE!!

Education and training is arguably the most important factor for career progression and job seeker success. Our app allows users to identify the qualifications and training they need to move in to a job or career.

Instead of showing our users the qualifications they need and leaving them to find courses for themselves, we show them live training courses and opportunities in the app and allow them to get in touch with the provider or apply in the app. Advertise courses on Imployable to start filling classes.

Apprenticeships are vitally important to the future generation, with 3 million more apprenticeship starts projected in the next 18 months it is important to cut through the noise and find potential apprentices. Need a young apprentice or looking for an adult apprentice looking to up-skill?

Imployable shows apprenticeship opportunities to app users who are looking for entry into different careers or opportunities to develop themselves and improve their employment prospects. Post your apprenticeships on Imployable and get access to driven candidates.

There is a way to find and engage younger people in volunteering and it’s all centred around what they get out of it. Every voluntary opportunity you offer comes with valuable work experience that is often not realised by people.

Experience is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in to employment with more than half of job seekers claiming to have had problems. We can track the experience gained through volunteering and help our app users gain experience to build their personal profile. All you have to do is upload your experience opportunities and we will point our app users to you.

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The people behind Imployable

Founded by 2 former Royal Marines, imployable exists to make recruitment simple, cost effective, efficient and accessible to all businesses regardless of size.

CEO & Co-founder
Peter Kelly

Former Royal Marine turned software project manager.

Head of Projects & Co-founder
Kieron Yeoman

Former Royal Marine and employment coach

Chief Operations Officer
Paul Vice MC

Former Royal Marine, Military Cross recipient and invictus games athlete

Non-exec Chairman
David Young

A seasoned chairman with years of experience supporting startups and businesses

We Exist To Have A Positive Impact

We at imployable are driven to have a positive impact on the online recruitment market. We believe that job seekers and employers, training providers and charities should have the best chance to grow and prosper with minimal risk.

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What Drives Us

We are driven by impact, we are not driven by being the most profitable company in the world, everything we do must have a positive impact on our app users and clients, that’s why every small decision we make is crucial to our success. Balancing our own commercialisation with the impact for individuals, organisations and the industry is key to our strategy, ensuring we are sustainable whilst achieving our goals.
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Employers, training providers and charities

Our key goals: Cut hiring cost – The avg. cost of employing 1 employee is £5344, we aim to halve this by creating more efficiency. Cut employee turnover – Employee turnover cost UK businesses £4.18bn per year, finding the right position means they stay in their job. Reducing mental health issues – Mental health issues can be directly attributed to unhappiness at work, getting people into the right job is key.
Great Features

Power to the people

The imployable app is specifically designed for job seekers and aims to change how people get employed. Our innovative career app allows users to see how they fit compared to the jobs you are offering, if they don’t meet the requirements then they can’t apply and we show them what, how and where they can get the experience, skills and qualifications they need to become more employable for the jobs they want with added support and coaching.
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We are committed to becoming the most cost effective, comprehensive recruitment platform that ever existed. We want businesses to grow and prosper with an easy to use, affordable all in one recruitment platform like no other.

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Take full control

Our journey so far!

The Idea

After nearly a year unemployed our co-founder saw a better way for people to get employed


Development of our platforms has taken over 9 months with a full stack dev team


We are constantly testing and adjusting to get things right on all our tech

The Future

We have only just launched, theres a long way to go and we will work with you to succeed

Any Questions - Get in Touch!

We have built a platform that is primed to grow the way you want it to, we are working closely with our customers, collecting feedback and building with you in mind. We welcome your feedback, we want you to have control over what we build, tell us what you want and we will work hard to make it happen.

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